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SPAIN.Majorca 2003

Damien Hirst: Clear specimen boxes

Damien Hirst with his Away from the Flock, 1994© Damien Hirst (PA News)


Quick and Crafty | youtube


Nuclear family | research

The term nuclear family is used to distinguish a family group consisting of most commonly, a father and mother and their children, from what is known as an extended family. Nuclear families can be any size, as long as the family can support itself and there are only two parents and children, or the family would be known as an extended family.
New work to follow.
I am currently working on a number of projects based on ideology and more specifically, ideology in a domestic environment (home). Women in the home interest me.
If you have any info you would like to contribute email me : Russellsays@gmail.com

Gillian Wearing | 60 minute silence

Paul Harrison and John Wood | TATE

In 2007 I had the pleasure of meeting these two men.John and Paul are two men who inspired me to experiment with video as an art medium.
Bristol-based duo Paul Harrison and John Wood could be described as an art-world equivalent to Laurel and Hardy. Their videos, showing their dead-pan antics as they dangle precariously from a ladder, slide on office chairs around the back of a moving van, and submit themselves to a drenching from dozens of watering cans, are both hilarious and thought provoking.

Alex Bagg | Whitney Museum New York

Installation view
Photograph: Sheldan C. Collins, Courtesy Of The Artist And The Whitney Museum Of American Art
Thanks to YouTube and reality programming, just about anyone, it seems, can appear on television. But back when three broadcast networks ruled the medium, getting on TV was a really big deal for ordinary folks. What opportunities existed were limited to daytime shows or courtesy of your hometown station: by being a game show contestant, for instance, or if you happened to run into your local news crew covering a fire—then you could always jump into the shot and wave like a idiot. For the most part, however, the small screen was as much a barrier to a privileged domain as it was a window.