Current Bibliography

The major sources I will use are as follows:

Home Possessions, Edited by Daniel Miller
This book is an expose of the domestic sphere across a range of cultures.The chapter, The Aesthetics of Social Aspiration documents theories of social aspiration within the home, and investigates ways in which this can be seen.
Bourdieu (1979) Cited in The Aesthetics of Social Aspiration, Home Possessions, 2001, New York : Berg, p.25

Easy Fun- ethereal, Jeff Koons
This exhibition catologue documents the interview with Jeff Koons about many of his works, along with the new Easyfun series of paintings.
J.Koons (2000) Easyfun-Etheral. The Soloman R. Guggenheim Foundation, New York, 14-46

Mythologies, Roland Barthes
This book documents twenty-six different essays exploring codings that command our everyday life. Semiology is the study of signs and symbols, Barthes identifies these within our everyday life. The most Interesting chapter for me was Steak and Chips and Soap–powders and Detergents
Roland Barthes (1972). Mythologies. Great Britain: Jonathan Cape. 36-40.

The World of Goods, Mary Douglas and Baron Isherwood
This revised edition from a leading anthropologist and economist, explores what anthropologists know about objects and why they are desired and consumption behavior. The main chapter that I have been looking at is Why people Want Goods.
Mary Douglas and Baron Ishwerwood (1979). The World of Goods, New york: Basic Books. 3-10.

Haruki Murakami, Birthday Stories.
This book is a collection of short stories capturing the emotions of advancing in age. The most interesting to me was Raymond Carver, The Bath. The relevance and importance of a birthday cake is explored.
Carver,R. (2002). The Bath. In: Haruki Murakami Birthday Stories. Tokyo: Choukoron-Shinsha,Inc. 133-143.