VANESSA BILLY - Limoncello Gallery


‘Glass Ceiling Once’ 2010, Cement, Vaseline.
Really not my thing, but the rest of it was good.

‘Hard To Swallow’ 2010, Glass, Cement

‘Hands Bar’ 2010, 40 sec Loop Approx.

This video peice really made me think. The idea that i was only being given the chance to see the girls arms swinging on what seemed to be a playground handle bars or even the parrallel bars in gymnastics. The sense of her falling off was really strong, it made me feel nervous and slightly uncomfortable but at the same time i was really impressed with the skill of the action. The peice at the top, entitled 'hard to swallow' was slightly too obvious for me. The fragile nature of the glass with the bold, durable concrete seemed like to easy to choose. Although the idea that concrete is a porous material is ironic.

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