MATTHEW SMITH - Limoncello Gallery


'No means No' by Matthew Smith.
I wasn't really keen on this show for a number of reasons. The coherency between the works was really hard to discover. Each work had so many different things going on in it, that it was very hard to strike conversations between the works. The playful use of colour was nice, and the stark use of acrylic to hold a drawing in was really good. nice and clean. I didn't really understand the use of the commercial racking to house the projector, it made me think of an industrial warehouse where they would stack goods. The projection was incredibly light too, and I'm not sure it was meant to be like that. The curation was slightly predictable too. I have been to many shows at Limoncello and they all seem to use the same formula, except, Vanessa Billy, who actually used the ceiling. Its not that i didnt like the work, i just feel that it was poorly set out. When i have looked at some of his other work on the limoncello website, it got me really excited, and i was very keen to see it in the flesh. Very Viner Street.

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