SUBODH GUPTA - Saatchi gallery


Stainless steel and stainless steel utensils

170 x 145h x 95 cm

Stainless Steal steel 1
Oil and enamel on canvas


Subodh Gupta, Frieze Art Fair, Booth B20
"Curry 2 (4)", 2005
Stainless steel
220 x 138 x 39cm

Subodh Gupta UFO
Brass Utensils

Subodh Gupta employs many of the original techniques of French conceptualist Marcel Duchamp by elevating the ready-made into an art object. Gupta chooses signature objects of the Indian sub-continent and relocates them as art objects in monumental installations of stainless steel and tiffin-tins. Spill is an overbearing work of great scale that has at its centre a larger than life stainless steel water vessel, with many smaller steel utensils spilling over the edge like water pouring out.

These works were of real importance to me, when walking in the room, the sensory experience was really striking. You could not helo but be drawn to them as objects due to their shiny surface. The visual appeal of these works was really strong. The use of domestic objects, such as kitchen utensils was slightly predictable and expected but they way in which they had been transformed into somethings else was really interesting, like in UFO, 2007. This eliptical shape is like my microwave plate peice and this struck me straight away. The way in which the title completly changed the way i looked at the work. The fact they were kitchen utensils was not important anymore. The shiny surface became really the main point of interest. The surface took over. The fetishness of the bright, high-shine surface was all you could look at.

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