Bruce Nauman Good Boy Bad Boy 1985
© ARS, NY and DACS, London 2002
Good Boy Bad Boy 1985

Colour video and monitors
duration: 60 min., 52 sec.

Bruce Nauman’s performances, films and video works often use language games and repetition to explore the nature of language and perception. In this work two monitors are placed at head height, so that the performers stare out directly at the viewer. Two professional actors recite the same series of one hundred phrases, beginning in a flat tone but becoming more emotional. Because they are talking at different speeds, the actors fall out of step with each other, and the continuously looped videos become out of sequence. Many of the statements imply moral judgements which, through repetition, seem increasingly threatening.

This video has the sort of pace i could never achieve. The threatening nature of this video peice is really strong.With my microwave peice, it is important to me that it has a pace to it. It must feel like anticipation in terms of when the glass plate is going to move, the more people that are in the room the better, pressure.

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