MERCEDES- BENZ Design Sculpture

Modernist type of sculpture

The sculpture, named "Rising Car", represents a Mercedes-Benz Concept body taking soft, flowing form from liquid - or as if it was covered by a "shimmering cloth" draped over.

"Mercedes-Benz design is clear, calm and consistent, but yet emotional and highly sensuous. Mercedes-Benz is the brand best able to present automobile design as an art form in an authentic way."

The sculpture imitates the formative power of nature: flowing elements change their shape as the form of a new automobile emerges in line with the dynamic laws of gravity and aerodynamics, making this form vaguely visible and solidifying into a work of art with the appearance of a casting possessing contours and clear definitions.

The car being a Modernist type of sculpture. Henry Moore smoothness.

The airwick would not look how it does today with its ergonomic design without the influence of people such as Henry Moore

The high-shine , high-spec surface of the car is imitated even by the surface that covers it in secrecy.

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