'Menus' explores the process by which issues of taste, class and notions of 'Britishness' are negotiated through the transaction of commodities in popular culture.

Came across 'common culture' whist looking through a book called 'variable capital' by David Cambell and Mark Durden.Interesting to realise how noticeable and identifiable a vehicle liek this is. How do we know that this peice of machinery serves some kind of fast food? Conditioning tells us. It is these design features in work, that really makes me think. I think about how we can so easily identify such objects.

I want to read more about this work along with other works from common culture. I will put it in my research journal so i can read more when i have time.

I have been looking on the website and i really like them. i havnt heard of them before though, maybe they are not that well known.could be wrong here.

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