RICHARD HAMILTON - Serpentine Gallery


Selected work:

Richard Hamilton: Modern Moral Matters
Treatment room, 1983-84
Installation view Serpentine Gallery, London
(3 March – 25 April 2010)

This is the least amount of time i have spent in the Serpentine.The peice that i liked the most was the one pictured above. It was interesting in terms of the environment it created. clinical yet comforting, that someone (margret thatcher) was showing you the way. Giving a helping hand.The rest of the exhibition was extremely print based and a lot of 2D work was throught the space. I spent the majority of time looking at the production of these prints and noticing how proffesssional they looked. Most of them were Lambda C-Type prints or Prints of canvas, Hewlet and Parkard.Viewer is cast as the helpless patient. Margret thatcher is doing all the hard work providing the viewer with her own brand of medicine from a video with the sound turned off.

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